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CIC's company profile

PT.CIC Environmental Services aims of supplying systems, services and technology for tank cleaning and oil recovery in Oil & Gas industry. CIC is also in the business of providing engineering solutions for produced water and effluents treatment for various industries.

Through our experiences and dedication to deliver solutions designed for optimum Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) performance, CIC carries tank cleaning core values: minimal waste disposal necessary, recovery of hydrocarbons, faster process and cost effective, minimal hydrocarbon emission to atmosphere due to closed-loop cleaning (green technology).
CIC is continuously looking at ways of improving the clients’ profit margins by introducing better effluent treatment processes that deliver high yield - quality water for the purpose of discharging to the environment as well as for Water Flooding and Enhanced Oil Recovery Projects.
With most of existing oilfields entering the mature phase, oil companies are opting for secondary injection or tertiary EOR projects to extend life of the oilfields which translate to better Ultimate Recovery.